Who am I...

Dreamer, laugher, lover and saved by grace.

I'm Carol and I love to capture those beautiful, treasured moments that life brings us! My photos are my passion and my faith is my direction. Texas roots, Colorado born, Arizona raised and New York creative. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, I love to travel (as you might guess from that list of states!) and seek out new adventures. 

I have been blessed with some incredible people in my life. Spending time with those people, encouraging them, loving them, motivating them (and being motivated BY them) is something that makes me happy everyday.  Let's face it, sometimes life is messy! Why not embrace the messy and celebrate the moments we have with those around us? That's why I'm here, to embrace the messy, to celebrate life, and to dance in the rain.

Some fun facts about me: 

  • I own more purple than any other color.
  • I love to dance like no one is watching (okay, I actually hope that no one is watching...but do it anyway).
  • I tried to do a food blog once and gave up after about 6 posts.
  • I can listen to Mercy Me on repeat for days on end but firmly believe that the 90s is the BEST music generation.
  • I've set foot in three countries outside of the US. Can you guess which three? (Hint: Canada and Mexico are two of them and the third one has amazing geysers and northern lights.)

I'm available for wedding, portrait, lifestyle, and event photography. I'm booking into 2019 and available for travel!

For availability and rates, email me at:

I look forward to talking with you soon!